All of Time and Space

This is a Doctor Who blog where I upload edits and AUs and crossovers. I may attempt some fan fiction but I'm not sure. Anyway enjoy!
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Rose returns to her home world to warn the Doctor of the darkness that approaches. Yet when she returns she finds that this world is already under attack from a man called ‘the Master’. Since the day Rose looked into the heart of the TARDIS she has felt a strange new connection to the ship. It feels as though the TARDIS is calling her and Rose believes that if she can locate the TARDIS she can stop this ‘Master’ and warn the Doctor of the greater danger that lies ahead. Meanwhile, the other companions and the Doctor unite in an attempt to defeat the Master and save planet Earth once more. But stopping the Master has never been an easy mission…

sorry guys just posting a ton of Rose edits. I’ll vary my posts later

two words…

i am theĀ bad wolf.

It’s only just beginning.